What are Go-Karts?

What Are Go-Karts?

How we here at Go Kart Fanatic go about answering the question “What are Go-Karts?”The short answer is that a Go-Kart is an open-wheeled sports car. While this does not covered the multitude of various forms that a Go Kart can take. It does give us a starting point.

The History of Go-Karts

It is generally accepted that American Race Car builder Art Ingels is considered the “Father of Go Karting”. He created the first Go Kart in 1956 from scrap metal and a spare West Bend Company Two Stroke lawn mower Engine, with the first race taking place in 1957.

This race took place in the parking lot of the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California, with enthusiasts taking part with home-made karts. The success of this race would then inspire Duffy Livingstone and Roy Desbrow to create the Go Kart Manufacturing, Co., Inc in 1958. They would continue to use lawn mower motors for their early karts.

This also marked the time in which Go Karting in the UK first appeared!

What are the Different Types Go-Karts?

Go Karts can generally be categorised into 6 different types;

  1. 50cc – Kid Karting
  2. 60cc – Cadet Karting
  3. 100cc – “Touch and Go” (TaG)
  4. 125cc – “Touch and Go” (TaG)
  5. 125cc – Shifter
  6. 250cc – Superkarts

Generally 50cc is used for younger children while 125cc would be for Adults. 250cc is considered at the highest end and would be most likely found in full competitive events.

How Fast are Go-Karts?

At the top end of Go Karts at 250cc, you are looking at Go Karts that can top out at 140mph whereas 50cc karts will generally be capped at 40mph. Generally, different Go Karts tracks will utilise different speed of karts depending on a number of factors, such as if the track in an indoor or an outdoor track, or who the track is catering too.

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