Go Karting Top 10 Tips

10 Tips for Getting Better at Go Karting

Whether you are taking part in Go Karting for fun or competitively, there’s no greater feeling than crossing the finish line and knowing you gave it your all out on track.

To help aspiring Go-Karters make the most of their time behind the wheel, we here at Go Karting Fanatic have put together a top 10 list of tips.

Tips to get better at Go Karting

1. Keep your hands in place

Go Kart steering can be sensitive when compared to steering in car. Because of this you will want to keep your hands at the “10 and 2” position. This will give you more precise and consistent steering as you go around track.

2. Brake before you turn

You shouldn’t be pressing the brake when turning the kart. Instead you should aim to slow down while travelling straight to the speed you need to be in take the corner comfortably. This gives smoother turning and more control in case anything goes wrong. Often, you will get a chance to practice on track before a race, Use this time to figure out the best braking point and the speeds you need for individual corners.

3. Use all the track

When you are racing, be sure to utilise everything at your disposal. The track is often defined by the kerbs and white lines (on outdoor tracks) or barriers (indoor tracks). Using all of the track can allow for better entry in corners and faster times on the timing sheets!

4. Look Ahead

Understanding what is coming up next on track allows you to prepare your cornering and means you carry more speed around track. If you know for example, that after the next corner there is a steep incline, you will want to be travelling as fast as possible so to lose as little speed as possible going uphill.

5. Don’t Lean

When taking a corner, it feels natural to lean in with kart. But resist this temptation! When you lean you move the weight of the kart around and thus increase the chance of making a mistake. Instead, try to keep yourself centred on your seat. This keeps the balance of the kart in right space.

Go Kart Turning

6. Smooth is Fast

When in the adrenaline rush of a race it is easy to fall into making aggressive moves. something key to remember throughout all these tips for go karting is that smooth action are usually faster action. Sharper turning loses speed as does sharp darts across the straights. You should always aim to have the smoothest lap possible.

7. Plan your overtakes

It can be very frustrating to find yourself stuck behind a driver who is slower on track than you. However you want to plan your overtakes for the right moment. Getting ahead on track is pointless if you lose the position back immediately. Look for places where you can end up on the inside line of a corner without losing too much speed, or long straights where you can pass and then set yourself up for the next turn.

8. Draw the Racing Line

Fans of motor-sport will often hear the phrase ‘the racing line’, and it is something you will want to look for on track as well. To imagine the racing line on a track, aim to draw the straightest possible line around it. While there will be turns, you still want the line to remain as straight as possible. This may mean taking a wider line through some turns or a a tighter one depending on the corner. The straight your racing line, the less braking you have to do to slow down, the more speed you carry and the faster your lap times fall.

9. Fears

The first time in a go kart can be somewhat of a sensory overload. The karts are quite low and this makes everything seem that it is going a lot faster. Its important to remember briefing, and drive safe. All track will have marshals that ensure that nobody is going to aggressively bully you around the track.

10. Have Fun

While it is a bit cliche, it is still important to mention. Have Fun! Go Karting is supposed to be an enjoyable experience and not something you should dread or walk away feeling that is wasn’t a good time.

Make sure you know “What to Wear Go-Karting“, otherwise the tips will be useless if you aren’t allowed to race!

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