What to Wear Go-Karting

What to Wear Go-Karting

Go-Karting can be a great way to spend a few hours with some friend or family, but what should you wear when go-karting?

1) Shoes
2) Clothing
3) Racing Gear
4) What not to wear

What to Wear Go-Karting?


During a go-karting race you will be using your feet quite a bit, so it is advisable that you wear closed toe shoes. The reasoning behind this, is that you don’t want a shoe that could be easily be removed such as a sandal. It is also a good idea that these shoes be flat soled, so no high heels! This will give you the best level of control over the pedals and ensure your foot doesn’t slip which might cause a heel to get stuck mid-race.


When it comes to the clothing part of what you should wear, it is best to take a “goldilocks” approach. Not too loose, and not too tight.

If your clothing is too loose, it risks getting stuck or caught on something that you really don’t want it to. Like a wheel, the engine, or another go-kart! If it is too tight, it risks making an extended race period very uncomfortable, and thus an unenjoyable experience. Which is not what anyone wants.

The main idea, is to wear clothing that does not restrict your movement but will be comfortable to wear. This can include;

  • Jeans
  • Tracksuit bottoms
  • Sweatshirts
  • and T-shirts

Racing Gear

Depending on track that you visit you may be given additional racing gear.

A helmet is always standard for the driver safety and well-being and will often be provided at the track. For those racers with long hair, you will want to tie it up before racing.

Racing Gear - Racing Helmet

Racing gloves are often provided by the track as well and are generally used to provide comfort while gripping the steering wheel and in some cases hand protection.

Balaclavas are also a piece of gear that is required by some tracks. These will often be kept by racers after they race. These provide additional protection for racers with long hair as well as helping to keep shared helmets more hygienic.

At some tracks, they will also provide a full racing suit. This will allow those racers who arrive for a spontaneous race coverage should their clothes be inappropriate for racing (in some case but not all cases).

If in doubt, it is best to contact the track before hand to find out what gear they provide and any unique requirements that may have.

What Not to Wear Go-Karting?


Unlike Sir Lewis Hamilton who intends not to comply with an FIA ban on Jewellery in Formula 1, Go-Karters should remove any jewellery before racing. In the case of wedding rings, it is best to ask the track beforehand if you will have to remove it.

For those worried about theft, ask the track if they provide lockers, lock-boxes or other security measure to keep any stored jewellery safe.


Scarves, like loose clothing, are considered a big no-no during racing. They present a dangerous safety risk and may cause an incident for yourself or another driver.

Some tracks also have limits on head-scarves being worn at a track, if this may be applicable, it is best to contact the track ahead of time.

Nothing Sentimental

At a Go-karting track you may be exposed to oils, lubricants and other substances associated with the karts. With this in mind it is best not to wear anything that you would want to say stained or otherwise damaged. While it is unlikely to happen it is not an impossibility.

And that is our article on what to wear go-karting. If you are looking to improve you racing ability, we have an article on our top 10 tips for Go-Karting.

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